On April 10, James Milne once again made history by publishing his essay, Rabbit: An Essay, on the ZEP list and the alt.fan.pooh newsgroup, proving that discussions of Pooh on the internet are not limited to the superficial or merely 'fluffy'.

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The essay was immediately met with a response from "Grandma" Helmick, who had some things of her own to contribute.

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Almost simultaneously, Jan Martin jumped to Rabbit's defense by composing a contradiction titled Defending Rabbit. This well written essay upped the ante, so to speak, and made the entire list stop and think, "Whoa. This is all too much for a Bear of Very Little Brain. Am I on the right list?"

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Naturally, at this point, James found it necessary to defend his position and offered a rebuttal to both Glenda and Jan. At this point we knew that we were witnessing historical list material.

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Perhaps needless to say, Jan wasn't going to take that lying down, and had a few more words to offer, summing up the discussion succinctly. There were a few other responses and comments as well, but these have been the major expository contributions.

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