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Saturday, November 15, 2008 - Boomers Coffeehouse, Upland, CA

Five o'clock people and Atlantic are playing at Boomers Coffeehouse in Upland CA on Saturday from 7 to 10... with somewhere between 1 and 15 special guests. Come hear some new songs, some old songs, and whatever unplanned noises find their way onto the set list.

Friday, Novemver 14, 2008 - Point Loma University, San Diego

Five o'clock people are playing Friday in San Diego at Point Loma University at 7:30 for a benefit concert to raise funds for the children's wing at Reynolds Memorial Hospital.... we will play a short set, followed by our buddies Atlantic, who Alex just finished producing a CD for. Come rock for a good cause!

Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Mountain Home Church, Sherwood, OR.

The set:

  1. Blame
  2. Sorry
  3. Gold Rush
  4. Rant
  5. Last One Out
  6. Autumn
  7. Enfant Terible
  8. House of God
  9. Saddest Days
  10. Waltz
  11. Living Water

The environment was hard to beat: an outdoor show at a small country church with scenery not to be believed. The weather was absolutely perfect and there weren't even any bugs as the sun went down! Due to a scheduling conflict, Drew was in absentia, but Alex, Pat, Corrie, and Jeramy were there and in fine form. Two new songs were introduced, and in my opinion, "Last One Out" is one of Alex' best songs to date, and sure to become a staple. Corrie's sublime violin playing added the element that's been missing from Alex's solo renditions of "House of God" in recent years and trasnported the long-time fans back in time about 10 years. So did the unexpected resurrection of "Living Water" that closed out the show. It was the first time I can recall where they basically had a full band, but no bass player. We sure do miss a certain adorable Idahoan.

Friday, February 8, 2008 - Bauman Auditorium, GFU, Newberg, OR. With Shawn & Natasha and Tango Alpha Tango

The set:

  1. gold rush
  2. blame
  3. february
  4. aftermath
  5. enfant terible
  6. stable boy
  7. autumn
  8. sorry
  9. waltz
  10. lightning rod
  11. angry rant
  12. deer country
  13. fight good sinners
  1. house of God
  2. ggg

It was everything we were expecting and more. It was nostalgia. It was exciting new territory. It was Five O'clock People as only Five O'clock People can be. Backing Alex, Drew, and Pat were Jeramy Burchett on drums, Corrie Covell on violin and piano, Chris Rhoads on bass, and Jeremiah Hayden filling in on vocals for a voice-stricken Pat. The old songs were reincarnated with new arrangements and sound. Drew's vocals were the best they've ever been, flat out. It was as though he were channeling Johnny Cash for the performance of lightning rod. It took 7 years, but they finally perfected "waltz" and it was absolutely entrancing. Alex was in fine form with the witty remarks and dialogue that fans have come to love so much and when the audience wasn't gaping open-mouthed at what they were hearing, they were laughing their "Christmas-type Donkey's" off. To top it off, they were treated to an encore of Alex playing House of God, and then Drew joining him for none other than GGG, which is probably the first time they've played it this century. Let's hope they plan some more shows, and if it's even remotely possible, make sure you catch one of them if it's the last thing you do.